5 Computer Distractions From the 90’s that Have Evolved

When computers were first introduced to the workplace, people immediately found games that would forever introduce new temptations to distract oneself in the workplace.

These are just some of the distractions that we'd find on the computers in the past and the similar ones that have taken on new faces, finding their way on to all of our smartphones.

1: Minesweeper = Plants vs Zombies

We all remember those days (okay, maybe "we all" don't... and those that do, would prefer to forget about them).

There's just something about plants killing zombies that just keeps people coming back... Let's be real - everyone hates zombies & if plants can live to kill a zombie, I'm in.

2: Snake = Angry Birds

Let's be honest with ourselves - when this game came to the Nokia brick phone, everything changed. This marked a moment in time where we could all see these games coming with us everywhere we went. Snake was now in our pocket!

This marked another monumental moment in the history of mobile gaming. If you weren't playing Angry Birds in 2009/2010 - you were either a) not cool, or b) you weren't alive yet, because literally everyone was playing it (including babies). To add to it too - Rovio has continued to push the franchise forward, making new versions and different types of gameplay to keep people's continued interest. What this means for the workplace is - continued distractions. But who can blame 'em.

3: Solitaire = Threes!

Solitaire has probably had the longest shelf life of any of these games - simply because it's most likely on a shelf somewhere in your house (in a stack of cards that never gets used). Unfortunately, for the computer game itself, it's cause for attrition has mostly been related to the fact that its user base is most likely no longer with us. This is sad, of course, but has created opportunities for new distractions among the younger generations, which leads us to - Threes!

This game will frustrate the crap out of you sometimes, but it always keeps you coming back for more. Somehow their slogan, "A tiny puzzle that grows on you", does exactly that - it grows on you. This game is casual and people can "lose" quickly - which is one reason why it can be one of the more ultimate distractions in the workplace. People hate losing & this game makes people feel like they've lost everything - like they were almost about to win something big. So they play more.

4: Tetris = Candy Crush

This game is another that has existed longer than most. Tetris could still amuse (aka: distract) anyone if you put it in front of them. Tetris continues to provide nostalgic memories to anyone alive in the 90's. I could get distracted just thinking about this game...

This game, much like Tetris, will provide people 20 years from now with similar nostalgic memories. Where the memories for the people in the 90's consisted of them sitting at a desk - these memories will for sure involve a setting where people remember the sounds of flushing, hand dryers and paper towel machines. Candy Crush has succeeded in extending peoples bathroom breaks - and we all can only hope that the game is the sole cause for this and not something someone shouldn't have eaten.

5: E-mail = well… it's still Email (without the hyphen though, of course)

So much has changed...

Wait a minute... Nothing's really changed at all. Some serious tomfoolery is going on here.

At least they've added pretty colors and made everything flat. That makes us all feel better when we check our inboxes on our phones :)

Seriously though - the only things that have changed about email since the creation of email are that: a) no one uses Outlook anymore (no offense guys, I really like what you're trying to do and I'm rooting for you) - and b) we can scroll through it with the swipe of a finger on our phones.

We are all looking for things to evolve and to make us more productive. In the tech community - we thrive on industries being disrupted, we thrive on new products and new ways of thinking about things. Email is one distraction listed that we're still looking to be improved and waiting for a new evolution.

In our space, with Weckey, we've seen that the front desk has much room for improvement and because of that - we've developed a solution that does exactly that. Weckey can improve productivity and decrease distractions in the workplace. We can't promise people will stop playing any of the aforementioned games, but our mission is to help minimize distractions upon arrival, save money and also save valuable time that could be spent on the most important tasks.

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