5 Things Analytics for the Physical Site can do for Your Business

Here are just a few ways that analytics, reporting guest traffic data, at your business' physical site, can help you better understand what's going on within the doors of your business.

1: Real-time Visibility

Analytics can provide insight on some of the many things businesses forget to pay attention to. With analytics for your business’ physical site(s), there is now clear visibility on what the busiest hour of the day is, busiest day of the week, busiest week of the month and year, as well as the busiest month of the year. These data points help businesses make decisions on staffing, security, vacation policies and much more.

2: Time and Human Energy Consumption

With analytics, businesses can see how much time is saved by using Weckey. Far too many people are staffed in the lobby of a business with expectations for much more than signing people in and out. If those required tasks are not completed in a week, having optics on how much time was saved - helps better understand the amount of time and human energy simply checking people in and out takes away from a receptionist, office admin or executive assistant.

3: Identify Frequent Visitors

Seeing who the most frequent visitors are can help a business make decisions on providing incentives, amenities and additional care to those that visit more often than others. Some businesses have decided to send gifts or write cards to the people they see more than others.

4: Identify Employees that are Frequently Visited

See if there is a bottleneck in a department or in a single person’s workday. If one person is being visited more than another that could offer equal and appropriate attention to a series of visitors - this data can help businesses and managers try to spread visits across a department rather than directing them towards one individual.

5: Understand Reasons for Visits and the Visitors’ Relationship to your Business

See what the top reasons for visiting your physical site are. If interviews are the number one reason - you can ask, a) why is it the number one reason? b) do we have enough people available to interview, and c) is it necessary to have this many on-site interviews and is the interview process taking away time at the physical site (in other words - could we be doing more phone interviews & screenings?).

Also see how many Guests vs. Vendors vs. Clients vs. Family vs. Board Members vs. Deliveries, etc. This helps gauge what types of people are most often visiting your site. This helps make decisions on the lobby’s environment and on-site amenities that could be in stock.

-- Weckey is changing the way receptionists, office admins and executive assistants do their jobs. Check out the Weckey site to learn more about how Weckey can help you and your business solve the many problems most companies face in the lobby.

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