Archaic Technologies Need to Die

There are too many archaic systems and technologies to count that need to die. The question is - what will they be replaced with? For the incandescent light bulb, it’s the LED. Postal mail is already dying a slow death to email and the likes of FedEx, UPS, DHL and others. The landline has started nailing shut the lid of its own coffin from the inside. The CD has been going the way of the buffalo for quite some time now. Pencil and paper have been replaced by your iPad. Kindle killed your physical books along with the printing industry the day it hit the market.

Now what about the guestbook?

The guestbook is this binder of paper, just sitting there making your front desk look unattractive and cluttered. People still have to use a pen and paper to sign in with it and more often than not they have to lean over and ask the front desk person what the time is, as well as the date.

It seems like a no-brainer. It seems like something that should’ve been replaced ages ago. You would think we’ve come far enough to put the guestbook and all of its waste of time, money and paper in the grave. At Weckey, we wanted to do the world a favor - so here we are, getting the ball rolling.

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Mitch Williams