Launching Next Week!

I started this journey about a year ago and since then, Weckey has brought in two more brilliant minds to work on the growth and development of Weckey, full time. Collectively, we are dedicated to seeing this product grow, scale and improve for years to come. That being said - we still need your help and I hope to see you continue with us on this adventure.

Since we began our BETA Program, over 3000 people have used Weckey in one way or another. Whether signing into a business, or being notified that a guest has arrived - Weckey has successfully completed the tasks at hand for our BETA Partners, in a total of six (6) business lobbies. A massive “Thank You” goes out to the businesses who were willing to jump in and help us out over the course of these past few months. Again - we couldn’t have done it without the help of so many.

My brother sent me a quote, by Reid Hoffman, a month or two ago and it said this - “The entrepreneurial journey starts with jumping off a cliff and assembling an airplane on the way down.” That quote has resonated well in my life and the most interesting part is thinking about building an airplane by yourself seems way slower than if you were to do it with others. With that in mind - your involvement has and will continue to help us collectively “assemble this airplane” much faster than we could have ever hoped for doing alone.

Lastly - please check out the Weckey product video and let us know what you think. Also, feel free to share the video, website and any kind words you might have about Weckey with your friends. Take the time to enjoy some light reading on our blog as well!

One more thing - visit our site on July 1st and get your business signed up for a free trial with Weckey! :)

Thank you again for your continuous help, support and encouragement!

-- Mitch Williams, President & CEO

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Mitch Williams