Operate Simply. Eliminate Clutter.

When people ask us why we started Weckey. The first answer, of course, is that we wanted to kill the guestbook. The second answer is to save and protect two valuable assets that every business charishes. Those assets are time and money. That goal we are confident we've succeeded in doing.

It wouldn’t be enough if time and money were the only value we provided though. On top of time and money we save data. All of the guest traffic data that once got lost in a pile of paper and binders is now backed up, easily accessible and searchable because of Weckey. Another value-add that we are absolutely proud of is the priceless effort to save trees and protect our environment. There is of course a plethora of other benefits that Weckey brings, and along with those - we wanted to share simplicity and a modern touch with every business’ lobby.

We wanted to provide a solution that made sense. One that was scalable and one that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg upfront. All you need is an iPad and a stand to get started. The rest is easy. Through our admin site, you can upload a CSV of your employee index, manually enter them - or the even simpler solution is to connect with Google Apps or Active Directory.

When Weckey is running in your lobby, your front desk person or receptionist no longer have to deal with the costly interruptions. You know the interruptions we're talking about. A guest asking the date or the time. A visit that requires the receptionist to call or track down the employee the guest is there to visit. Your front desk person or office manager can now focus on the more valuable tasks.

Be an early adopter and request an invitation for Weckey’s Early Access Program today. You’ll see that there’s even more than meets the eye once you actually start using it. We haven’t even listed the security benefits, location history, analytics and more in this post, so go ahead and sign up today!

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