Successful Early Access Program

In the past 90 days we have had some exciting times going on here at Weckey. We strategically signed on five businesses as BETA partners, in seven locations, and have worked very closely with them on the development of the product. Our early access program consists of organizations in business, coworking space and education.

Since the program began in February, we have seen right around 1600 people use Weckey in one way or another. Whether signing in to a business or being notified that a guest has arrived - Weckey has taken care of the front desk duties efficiently and effectively.

We are getting closer and closer to our public launch. That being said though - we would like to extend the early access invitation to other businesses. We would love additional feedback and help as we change the front desk and sign in process forever.

Thank you for your support!

-- Weckey Team

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Mitch Williams