Weckey Releases Version 1.2 of its iPad App and Launches New Features Starting at $100 Per Month

Weckey launches new features today. Monthly subscriptions start at $100 per month for Basic, with Plus and Pro subscriptions also available. New features include - analytics, a custom theme builder and signable attachments.

Weckey is the only visitor management system with analytics. Weckey can provide what was once previously unidentifiable data. When we visualized it first-hand, we realized that we were on to something people need, and more than likely never knew they needed it. Analytics help visualize busiest hours and days, most frequent visitors, reasons for visits and frequently visited employees.

If you’re a business thriving in today’s environment, you want visibility on the people in your network. This is why products like Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, and others exist. Weckey now provides businesses with tools similar to these, but for data related to traffic on the physical level and we believe that to be equally, and in many cases more, important.

Also added to Weckey’s growing suite - today, businesses can customize the app to highlight their brand. With the ability to customize and tailor the sign-in experience for your business at a moment’s notice, tremendous opportunities open up for businesses to present themselves well, and make a great first impressions. To make things even more exciting, businesses can now attach signable agreements like NDAs, B2B contracts, etc., for guests to sign as they check-in. There is no longer the risk of forgetting to have a guest sign an NDA when they visit.

Weckey will be rolling out CRM integrations, in coming weeks, allowing businesses to sync Weckey with CRM platforms like Salesforce, Base CRM, etc. Guests will then be immediately entered as contacts. Additionally, Weckey will soon supply customers with an expanded API feature set for third party integrations and the opportunity to create custom visitor badges.

We cannot thank our beta partners, early adopters and most recent customers enough. We are also more than grateful to everyone else involved in this growing business for your support and help. Today’s release is only a glimpse of what we have planned and what’s in store. Stay tuned for more!

-- Mitch Williams, CEO

-- Weckey is changing the way receptionists, office admins and executive assistants do their jobs. Check out the Weckey site to learn more about how Weckey can help you and your business solve the many problems most companies face in the lobby.

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Mitch Williams