Weckey Rolls Out CRM Integrations for Base CRM and More

Today, Weckey is rolling out a suite of integrations set to grow—most notably, its integration with Base CRM. Weckey's decision to integrate and partner with Base CRM provides insight on the mutual interests of both companies (Weckey and Base) to work towards optimizing all available data for use beyond any one platform— thus providing companies with more streamlined and shared insight into customer relationships. Additionally, Weckey is rolling out newsletter integrations with services like Mailchimp and others.

Josh Bean, the Product Marketing Manager at Base CRM gave us a response to share with his thoughts related to the announcement: "We're thrilled to have Weckey work with the Base Developers API to help sales teams seamlessly track visitor interactions. This integration marks the beginning of a partnership between two companies that are dedicated to making the workplace a more productive environment.”

See the Base CRM blog to learn more

Upon sign-in with Weckey, the CRM integrations (which are available with a PRO account) add guest information as a contact with notes in Base CRM. If a contact already exists in Base, Weckey shares any new information gathered from the sign-in, and provides information specific to each visit— including time, date of meeting, who the contact met with, their name, email, company and reason for the visit. Future CRM integrations will see Weckey tie-in with Base’s calendar and task features to take advantage of their capabilities.

We are looking forward to seeing the suite of integrations grow and couldn't be more thrilled than we are today to kick it off with our partnership and integration with Base CRM. Stay tuned for more!

See the official release on Bloomberg Businessweek and Yahoo! Finance!

-- Mitch Williams, CEO

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