What the iPad Air 2 Means for Weckey and your Lobby

1: Reflectivity

The iPad Air 2 boasts the lowest reflectivity of any tablet on the market and has reduced glare up to 56%. Why does that matter to Weckey and why does it matter to businesses interested in using Weckey in their lobbies? Less glare means for a better experience for guests signing in with Weckey. A sharper image display boasts the colors and images that are important in representing your brand and also make it easy for visitors to navigate through the sign-in process with more ease. There are two ways Apple was able to accomplish this.

First being that they optically bonded the display, the touch layer and the glass. Previously there was an air gap between the layers and this caused minimal, but noticeable, internal reflection. The iPad Air 2 now hosts all of those layers as one unit, without the air gap, because they are now bonded together. This results in reduced internal reflection.

The second being that they added anti-reflective coating. This coating is really what has helped the iPad Air 2 proclaim its glory of having the lowest reflectity and glare of any tablet on the market.

Again - this matters to you and matters to us, because guests will experience a better and more vibrant sign-in process using Weckey on the iPad Air 2. The sign-in experience has only just started getting better, with Weckey, but Apple has helped that even more with the improvements to the iPad Air 2 display.

2: Price Points

For businesses of any size, interested in using Weckey in the lobby, there are more iPad pricing options than ever. The original iPad mini now starts at $249, the iPad mini 2 dropped $100 in price, making it $299 to start, and the iPad Air (the first one) has dropped $100 as well, making it $399 to start.

These options make it more reasonable, more attractive and easier to invest the initial dollars towards saving time, money and energy in the lobby - using Weckey.

Lastly - for those that missed the Apple Event this morning, if you're interested in watching the keynote, here’s the link to the video on Apple’s site: http://www.apple.com/apple-events/2014-oct-event/ (NOTE: you have to watch it using Safari - Apple’s rules, not ours)

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