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In the world of Spotify, smartphones and Beats by Dre - it’s pretty easy to find yourself hiding between your headphones, posted up in front of the computer. At Weckey, we try to share what we’re listening to with one another - which really means we crank it up to 11 in the office and cruise. That said - there are still of course the times where you might walk into our office and only hear pins dropping (aka: fingers blazing across the keyboard), but today we want to share what’s been playing in the office this past week. The Black Keys -- Turn Blue.

First - if you’ve never listened to The Black Keys before, you’re missing out. Second - their new album, Turn Blue, just released and it’s pure gold. The album starts out with one of the more driven rock and roll songs I’ve heard in a long time - “Weight of Love”. The tone on the guitar is absolutely amazing. If there’s one thing Dan Auerbach understands - it is sound. It’s fantastic.

One thing people don’t really understand, nor do they appreciate these days, is the purpose of an album. We’ve found ourselves in a world where an artist might as well only release singles. In the snack culture where YouTube videos of cats licking themselves get more views than a cinematic masterpiece - the idea of an album just isn’t the same as it used to be. Albums were meant to be listened to from start-to-finish, laying out a "first, second and third act". Traditionally - musicians would strategically place songs in an order that presented whatever message they were trying to convey. I say traditionally, because I think it is very rare today. You might laugh, but tell me the last time (or even the first time) you listened to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection”... Yes, that’s the name of her album - Teenage Dream was the single people got all hot and bothered by (could’ve been Firework too). ← See what I did there?

The Black Keys get it and they appreciate the lost art of putting a full album together with purpose. This is why you won’t find yourself bored listening from track one all the way through track 11. The album presents so many dynamic undertones starting with the beginning, through the middle and into the end. It’s very well thought out and each song seems to guide you into the next. I encourage you to press play and enjoy it.

Lastly - this album is not available on Spotify. I have to admit, this is the first album I have bought on iTunes in somewhere close to two years. I have become so attached to and invested in Spotify that it has been hard to justify purchasing music that you really never own in the first place. The day Turn Blue released - I had to make a decision and I know I made the right one, because I really don’t think I could wait until it makes it on Spotify (whenever that day comes). You aren’t limited to iTunes though - it’s also available on Google Play and Amazon. You could always go super old school too and just hit the nearest Sam Goody Best Buy and purchase it on Compact Disc. Please buy it though. People who steal tend to be jerks. No one likes jerks.

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-- Mitch Williams, CEO

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